Don't Get Upset When God Hides You

No one ever likes to talk about this particular season! In fact social media has made it a custom for people to not even acknowledge that this season really does exists. Maybe because we all like and want to be seen and heard?

Let's talk about the hiding season. It's the season where you learn the most , yet must be silent and kept in hiding until it's time for God to reveal to you who you really are to others in the world.

So what does this season feel like.? I'm going to be brutally honest. Some of you would not be able to last during the hiding season. The hiding season is a very trying time. Honey let's talk about the spiritual warfare that comes along with it!

It's the most frustrating, hurtful, confusing, uncomfortable and loneliness season a person will ever have to endure in life. It feels like hell when it first begins and even in the middle of the journey the aches still roar and the tears still fall.This is the season where things just won't happen no matter what you do or how much you sow. It is a season of complete isolation and drought.

You'll lose family, friends, material possessions and feel as though you are all alone. These are the times when you normally find angels in strangers, search for the smallest miracles and seek the true nature and character of God. You will also feel as though God is punishing you and like there's never going to be a way out of your current season. And If you're not careful you'll even find yourself sinking in depression.

It's the toughest season any human being will have to endure BUT also the most loving and safest season as well. God will place you in hiding just so He can protect you from people that may try to detour you from His plan and ultimate vision. Hiding season is preparation season for the next level in your journey of life.

You must trust God's plan and timing in this season and have faith in the things unseen. There is divine purpose in the hiding season and it's to mentally and spiritually get you prepared for the next season in your journey. Your isolation season can enhance your focus on your spiritual gifts by tapping into the divinity of the Holy Spirit. It can also help you strengthen your discernment.

During this time God may be protecting your gifts and strengthening your creativity. Build with patience and have faith that God has a purpose for your struggle and your future.

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