5 Ways To Stay Spiritual And Grounded

Spirituality is the essence of our being and creation. It's the balance of having a divine interaction and human experience at the same time, finding the the centre of one's self within the Creator. The Father God, our Creator is the divine essence of our inner self and spirit. It is imperative that we vigilantly stay rooted in the depths of the spirit of the One and Holy God to guide our moral compass , steering us to make good, wise and righteous decisions in life.

Spirituality is like a river's currents running its course . The road to being spiritual can be rocky and turbulence can occur. Sometimes you may not always want to stay grounded due to unforeseen circumstances or situations that happen in life. But it's in the storm where the root of your spiritual being strengthens.

Here are 5 Ways to Stay Spiritually Grounded

1) Wake up and give praise and thanks. Look outside and feel nature. Look at the trees, the leaves, the branches, the grass, the snow, the water, the sky, the stars, overall look at the universe God created right in front of your eyes. Be observant and be present.

2) Meditate and pray. Meditate on having a prosperous fulfilled and powerful day with full of goodness and kindness. Meditate on a fruitful life. Wake up joyous instead of feeling as though the day is just another routine.

3) Listen, watch, or read a daily devotion in the morning to get your day started or during your day to keep you motivated. Perhaps even read a spiritual guidance or enhancement book this may include the Bible, Quran, books of Buddhism and more.

4) Listen to inspirational, alternative contemporary christian music or gospel music. This is the best for spiritual enhancement to convict your spirit and push it more towards the Creator of the Universe.

5) Talk to with a spiritual advisor or spend quality time with people that pour into your spirit and feed your energy positively. Iron sharpens iron. You want to make sure you surround yourself with like minded individuals who distinctively and intentionally want to see you grow mentally and spiritually.

We spiritual beings created in the image of God having a human experience. Remember religion and spirituality are not the same thing , however they both lead us to One Higher Being, the Creator. Everyone must have a personal relationship with The Father Himself in order to truly find the divinity in spirituality.

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