Why Being A Fuck Boy Isn't Cool Especially To The Sweethearts


Let's face it , we're the sweethearts. We're always getting our hearts broken until we bounce back. Then they wonder why we become them.

But everyone loves them a sweetheart. It's what makes us oh so tempting. Tempting to prey on. Tempting to be seduced. Tempting to have fun with.Tempting to tell the truth--- only enough to keep us vulnerable to their devices. The sweetheart is the prey to the big bad wolves.

With one heartbreak after another, the sweetheart becomes a bit jaded every time. Some can take more stab wounds to the heart than others. While others become more stern in their heart, building one brick after another and then eventually becoming numb.

Yet we always end up running into another Fuck Boy. Because truth is , there is a fuck boy in every man that has been with a sweetheart. JFK was a fuck boy and so was MLK Jr.

So why wouldn't OUR men be fuck boys if some of the greatest leaders of all were (Unless you're Ghandi and practice discipline )

And if you get upset with us for saying they were fuck boys, it's true. MLK Jr had a plethora of affairs on the road and well poor Jackie Kennedy, she actually had to be in the presence of Marilyn Monroe and there was nothing she could do about it.

So because we can't ignore fuck boys, (we need them to make our economy great while increasing publicity and mass media) How do we do better at addressing it?

While Kanye West makes songs about you're such a fucking hoe I love it and how women now have the privilege to say we want to come muvafucka , how do we address that it's not ok for men to continue to be fuck boys in the most respectful way.

The Top 5 Projections of If He's A Fuck Boy

1) He has a very hardtime apologizing if he knows he made a mistake but places the blame on you.

2) He does not want to get help for childhood issues that have hurt him along the development of his manhood.

3) He wants to still run around and fuck other women and blames it on being a bachelor or having needs.

4) If his boys are not rooted in Christ, he consults with them about making the righteous decision.

5) He tears down your self esteem knowing that you genuinely love him

Our Question of The Day :

If there are so many Queens who are woke, why are there still so many Fuck Boys? When does the dynamic change and will every Queen have their own fuck boy?

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