What I admire the most about being a woman is my ability to keep it pushing even when obstacles and challenges are present. A woman’s resilience, tenacity and relentlessness in my opinion is the golden factor of what keeps us going when the going gets tough. Speaking of resilience, resilience is not only one of the keys to successful aging, but research has also shown that women retain far more resilience as we age compared to men? I have listened to the stories of many wise women– whether older, around my age, married, divorced, single mothers, survivors of domestic violence, survivors of sexual molestation, or women who have just experienced the fullness of life, good and bad. What I have found quite amazing about the women I have come across who have shared their endless stories with me, is that most of these women have never complained about what it is they’ve had to do in order to maintain their career, family, finances, or overall well-being. We just do it, even if we don’t feel like doing what it is we have to do. Whether it’s being a wife and a good mother, picking up your son from basketball practice, taking your daughter to dance classes or gymnastics, cooking for your family, cleaning the household, waking up early in the morning before the father to make sure the children are well dressed and groomed for school, being responsible and making sure your bills are paid on time, having to move to another state to find a better job to finance your lifestyle, letting go of a toxic relationship because it was killing the person YOU were inside, divorcing someone after 25 plus years because YOUR spouse is no longer willing to fight for the marriage, building your own business, climbing the ladder in Corporate America, or even having to terminate old friendships in order to remove yourself from negativity. Women even keep it pushing even with tears in our eyes from pain, discomfort, and sorrow. Yet we will hurry up and put on that smile in front of others just so we can sometimes pretend that we are ok. Whatever the situation maybe women continue to empower themselves to be the best version of who they are. When a woman loves herself, no man, no job, and no person on this Earth can love her the way she loves herself or can ever rid her of what she believes she deserves for her future. In the workplace women still face harassment, and injustices such as gender pay inequality, but we continue to work our asses off in order to be respected as an equal not a competitor or a weaker vessel. In music many misogynistic perceptions are still projected, but we continue to soar by demanding respect in all avenues that we continue to create for ourselves. I’ve learned as a woman especially branching into the world of entrepreneurship, if I don’t make it happen, it just won’t happen. I have learned that in order for my male counter-partners to respect my craft and what it is I do, I have to make them respect my work ethic and my drive full heartedly. To every woman everywhere, I salute you. For your sacrifices, hard work, dedication, and commitment! Continue to just KEEP IT PUSHING, breaking barriers in all aspects of life!

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