Why Kisses Are So Damn Powerful

So I absolutely love to kiss and if you don’t like the taste of a passionate kiss, you’re missing out on life ! No, No , No I don’t kiss any and everyone, only someone who I am truly physically attracted to, where there is a lot of passion and chemistry.

The exchange of mouth to mouth kisses with a little ( in my opinion a lot of) tongue action is so powerful .

If there is strong chemistry, the feeling is so magical and intense that you want more of it every time you see that person.

But why? Why are kisses so powerful? What do they do to the human psychic ? We all know that kissing increases sexual arousal among males and females and yes in a weird freaky way, when men kiss women and get a taste of how wet her lips are, it turns them into a horn ball!

Hence the old saying kissing leads to sex and can get you pregnant. But there is so much more to it than what many have been taught! When you dive into a passionate kiss with a new love interest, friend, companion, or significant other, many things inside the body trigger.

For starters lips are more sensitive to touch than your fingertips! WOW! And when your nose is buried in his or her scent before locking lips for that kiss, chemical attractants in your body increase arousal. There is sebum, (an oily substance that coats the skin) in pheromones, which makes humans attracted to one another due to their biological makeup. A passionate kiss can increase the attraction and chemistry between two partners or it can diminish it causing a lowered level of physical attraction.

Research has also shown that people prefer the pheromones of those with different types of immune systems than theirs possibly because of genetic differences that may imply good health and vitality of any offspring they produced together.

The physical thrill may prompt your brain to cue up dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure. At the same time, other parts of your brain are shutting down negative emotions.

Your lip locking may also have prompted your pituitary gland (and his) to release oxytocin, the “bonding hormone.” You two might already be forming an emotional attachment.

And did you know that men’s saliva contains a small amount of testosterone that can, over repeated exposure, arouse a woman’s libido and eventually persuade her to mate with him! Know wonder kissing can get you pregnant!

Geoffrey Michaelson, a Virginia psychologist who is on the faculty of the Human Sexuality Institute in Washington, D.C., explains that kisses are essential to relationships — “the touch of the lips is rare, like a fingerprint.”

“In romance, the kiss takes us toward emotional intimacy,” he dives into saying “We face our beloved, look into their eyes, or close the eyes as we reach deeper into the soul of the experience, crossing the line between our separate selves and our deepest longings to be part of something more.”

Kissing overall just puts you in a great mood! It can reduce tension and heighten happiness, while increasing peace and passion! When it’s a kiss that increases chemistry , it also suggests that you are vibing with that person’s aura and energy!

Studies say couples who kiss frequently are more likely to have a long satisfying relationship.

So get you someone who loves to kiss the soul out of your mouth!



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