What's Your Partner's Love Language?

Being familiar with the way your partner likes and needs to be loved can be quite the task. So often people assume that the way they are loving their partner is the right way, simply because they’re displaying some form of love– the way they see fit! That’s a huge dating mistake!!

While dating, you learn many new things about your partner. Specifically their likes , dislikes, pet peeves, hobbies, and what they need in order to feel secure in the relationship! So do you know your partner’s love language?

There are five love languages that every couple should be aware of ! Words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, and physical touch!

Understanding and knowing the love language your partner speaks can stop many unnecessary disagreements and fueled arguments. By having clear communication in the relationship and making your expectations be known can help your partner identify what you need in order to feel loved!

For Example: The way I know I am loved is by the amount of quality time someone spends with me. Time is the one thing a person can never get back.

So if someone I love is willing to invest spending time with me, whether it’s just watching a movie, laying next to each other and talking, or doing absolutely nothing at all but enjoying each other’s company , I then know that person recognizes my love language! I also need to have that person’s undivided attention when we are interacting with one another! It makes me feel wanted and secure with that person!

Physical touch is another love language of mines! It makes me feel warm and appreciated when my partner cuddles with me or hugs me!

Another way to express love emotionally towards your partner is to use words that build them up or words of affirmation! Words of affirmation can include “you are very beautiful/handsome”, “I love being around you because you make me feel great”, ” you are so smart” , “I’m proud of you”, “I love you” , “I love when you cook”, and ” your kisses are the best” , just to name a few. This allows your partner to recognize that you are into him or her and builds confidence in the relationship!

Although all of the five love languages require some form of giving, some people enjoy receiving tangible objects or gifts such as flowers, diamonds, money, clothes, and other material things. It suggests to some people that wow my partner was thinking of me !

No matter the love language partners must be assertive in letting each other know how they feel loved and appreciated. A closed mouth does not get fed. You can’t expect your partner to read your mind, if you aren’t expressing the way you want to be tended to .

Don’t let your dating mistake be not knowing your partner’s love language!

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