If you don’t know how to be on social media and keep your relationship issues private, then you probably shouldn’t be in a relationship. You’re simply asking for trouble and single handedly destroying your relationship! Social media is not the place for you to bash your partner and to have outsiders who already want your relationship to fail—to have a sneak peek inside of what’s really going on. If you have a problem with how your partner handles certain situations, learn how to communicate effectively with them by using I Messages on how something makes you feel. I-messages are a healthy form of communication because it creates a safe haven of describing the behavior that’s affecting your relationship and how the behavior makes you feel in your relationship. An example is: I feel really jealous when you write on someone’s wall telling them how beautiful they are. Solution: How can we work together to be more secure in our relationship? What are certain steps we can take ? If that doesn’t work try counseling. Don’t knock it! When you allow others to see what’s really going on in your relationship by posting all your relationship flaws, you violate the trust that was established between you and your partner. You also give other men and women an idea of what your character and integrity is like when you are no longer with your significant other. Everyone does not need to know your business. Also it allows outsiders to attack your relationship and then you will be wondering why everyone has an opinion about who you are dating? Well, because you gave your social media followers ammo! If you are overly emotional about something going on in your relationship, the best thing to do is stay off of social media until you calm down. Don’t let your followers see you lose your cool with your partner!

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