Going Through Exhaustion Aye! Well Calm TF Down

Remember the rap song breathe stretch shake and let it go by Mase, well sweets if you're going through exhaustion this is exactly what you need to do. Just breathe, stretch, shake and let it go. Exhaustion is when a person has drained him or herself physically, emotionally or mentally. Normally it is the cause and effect of when someone has worked themselves to death and has not taken a breather from life's high demands. Many times we experience exhaustion because we are trying to rush projects, finalize projects, meet strict deadlines, and trying to balance the demands of life , while failing to relax and take a break.

Life is tough and if we aren't careful by doing self checks, exhaustion can occur right before a mental breakdown. Sometimes it actually takes for a breakdown to occur in order for a person to recognize that he or she has reached exhaustion in life.

Exhaustion does not mean a person is weak and can't handle life, it means that they have been handling more life than usual!

If you're feeling COOKED ! Take a breather. Binge watch on your favorite TV series, listen to some music, take an amazing shower or long ass bath. Turn your phone off . Detach from social media for a few days. Call off from work , put a large project on hold for a few days, give yourself some time to recuperate. Never spread yourself thin.

Time waits on no one, however there's still time to get things done. As long as you are on your path in life, I'm pretty sure God isn't going to cut your life short until you get the job done.

You are in competition with no one, so stop looking to social media for validation on where you should be in life. When your body speaks to you , listen to it because it's responding to how you are treating it. Self care is more important than anything you are putting effort into in life. It's more important than that job, than that project or rushing to launch that new business.

Be patient and work diligently but never over cook yourself. You need you first!

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