A Letter To Fathers With Daughters

The Great Rapper Nas said it best in the song called ‘Daughters.’

” The way mothers feel for their sons is how fathers feel for their daughters— For my brothers with daughters, I’m not saying our sons are less important.”

Fathers, you are your daughter’s first love. It may sound cliche’ but it’s true. Everything about you will determine what type of man she will have for her future. You mold the love you give to her.

The love you have for her will be different than the love you have for any other woman that you encounter in life. Be good to

her, shower her with more than gifts but with your affection.

Find her interests. Take her out on dates. Open her door. Bail her out of hardships. Help her with her first jump shot and take your daughter to her first dance recital.

Cook her first breakfast. Play dress up with her. And whatever you do never get too busy for her. Talk to her about her first heartbreak, but most importantly ask her questions about it. Ask her how did it make her feel.

Take your daughter to her first movie and then take her back out for her favorite movies.

Listen to her. Leave the discipline for mom to handle , instead you lecture her on the life lessons God has taught you on this crazy world that we live in. I promise you, she will listen. Sometimes you won’t always understand her but just know that she’s still that lovable girl that you fell in love with from the time of birth.

Spoil her but don’t rotten her into pieces. Remember she will become another man’s problem when you marry her off, so always show her how a lady is supposed to be treated.

She is your princess, so don’t be on some “pimp ish” switching up with different women before her very eyes. If you are going to do that, make sure she doesn’t see it.

You teach her what type of man she should want to have in the future.Support her dreams! And believe in her , give her some encouraging words when she doubts her capabilities.

Oh and when those teen years come, just know that she is going to give you attitude. When she’s PMSING understand that it’s not you, it’s her so give her some space and let her overreact. She’s going to be you, mixed in with a mini version of her mother. She may be emotional but be patient with her.

Again let mom discipline her in the way that is best fit. Do not provoke your daughter. Men have to realize that their little girls are vulnerable. A girl’s first love besides God should always be her dad. No man should be able to take the place of her dad unless the man who loves her like her dad asks for her hand in marriage. Fathers be good to your daughters, they are wonderful blessings from God. Fathers be good to your daughters or how else can you expect another man to be?

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