Posing Nude on Social Media for Attention Vs. Using it as High Fashion and Art

Countless hours go into scrolling down timelines of women posing half nude (in lingerie) or completely nude, being glorified for having a big butt, ( shots or not, we never really know) slim waist, posing as models, and hoping to be casted as a Playboy Bunny or sleazy Vickie S model.What’s even confusingly crazy is that there is a created platform for young mothers to strip and feel comfortable doing so while exploiting their bodies to the world on social media.

We even have Women Crush Wednesday that highlights women who receive attention based on their looks. Yes people , it’s true we now live in a world of self absorption and increased vanity.

A woman’s body is supposed to be sacred. It’s structured so differently than a man’s body and is perfect in every single way. And although I’m a feminist , I believe the art of a woman’s most intrinsic body parts should still be hidden. It’s like this… if you’re showing tummy , why show all of your butt hanging out of garments. And if you’re showing all of your legs is it really necessary to show your boobs that are not appropriate for the occasion? With many young women posing nude these days for attention, it makes me wonder what are the motives behind it?

I’ll admit I want to pose nude but not for social media. On the account of posing nude, it would be in honor of women being abused (sexual assault and domestic violence ) and not able to tell their story (as well as showing off my baby bump one day when I’m pregnant).

Let’s make this clear, I don’t believe there is anything wrong with posing nude as long as it’s being done for a modest reason. Posing nude should be in reflection of beauty, art, class, grace, and poise. My problem with most of the nudes going around is the objectification and tastelessness. Some use the term “modeling” and twist the meaning .

Those who are in the modeling industry know that looks alone doesn’t make a model. Modeling consists of how well a person can model the clothing or fit the frame of the designer’s taste — (For more details check out my interview with High Fashion Run Way Model Kathy Thrasher).

Now do I post pictures of me in my tight fitted workout clothes every now and then showing improvement, yes. However, I’ve also been checked by family and friends because of the image I want to build as a role model for young girls. Even with posting my workout pictures , I’m not doing it to get attention , to be vain. The pictures of many young women today posing nude or half naked seem to be to seduce the attention of men by promoting their bodies as a way to brand themselves in the entertainment world or to get their Instagram followers up .

If you’re just posing to be recognized or to gain followers then that’s cool and I wish all the fame to you, but what about substance?

Posing nude in sleazy photoshoots for big bucks or to gain likes and fame isn’t a new trend. It’s just seen more heavily because of social media. Celebrities have made millions off of their nudes. Nudity has been a huge occurrence in Hollywood, on our television screens and in music videos. Now we can’t go a day without it being posted on social media.

I think it’s time to get to the real reason why us as women crave attention, particularly when it comes to our looks and body image. Are we hurting? Do we really have low self esteem and feel as though posing for attention makes us worthy and feel good? Psychologically if we receive negative attention it means we really want positive attention.

Do we believe that this attention we are getting is perhaps positive for our self image/self esteem? There are so many questions we should ask ourselves.

If you enjoy posing nude turn it into a craft for positivity. Maybe have a slogan behind it raising awareness on certain issues. If money is the interest, be strong and continue to remember who you are deep deep down inside. The world will twist you out and mold you into something you are not so be careful.

I’ll close by saying this is not a blog to attack anyone. We just can’t be truthful with our own path in life, if we aren’t truthful with ourselves and learn why we do the things we do. Money and attention isn’t everything! And remember your integrity is only stripped when you strip it away.

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