Humility Is Key To Progression (Log Off Of Social Media Sometimes )

As Americans, we are always rushing for what it is we want. We want everything to happen right now! The popcorn generation is what we’re labeled as. Maybe our eyes have deceived us into thinking that once we obtain what we want, everything will be better in life.

However, this is a false preconceived notion of what social media is pervading . It’s important to remain humble, level headed, and continue to develop positive core values within yourself while reaching for the stars.

With what’s happening in America and who we have running as our presidential candidates, I surely understand a bit of why many people are in a rush to become the next big ANYTHING!

I mean if Donald Trump, who has no expertise in foreign policy, can run for presidency, then we all can certainly be something GREAT without first seeking knowledge and understanding in what it is we want to obtain & master, right?

We all want success! Success with our finances! Success with our careers , in finding a mate, and with having our own profitable business.

But why have we allowed society to define what success is for us. People are so pressed to become rich just to impress other people and because they believe all of their problems will go away. (There is a huge difference between having financial stability and security and being ‘rich’ just because you think life will become easier)

Success however is not just about being rich or working to become rich.

Contributing Editor of Geoffrey James suggested that if you believe success is simply making (or having) a lot of money, you may be setting yourself up for failure.

In the article ‘What Is Success? Here’s a Better Definition’ James broke down the meaning of success in the eyes of society and his definition of true success by creating a grid.

‘The way I see it, everybody’s definition of success can be mapped on a simple grid, with one axis being the amount of money that you have and the other being the amount of happiness in your life, like so:

First, there’s no point to being rich if you’re not enjoying yourself. Second, you’re more likely to get rich if you’re happy doing whatever you’re doing.’ ( Geoffrey James,

One of the things that I’m learning is how to log off of social media when I begin to judge my success with the success of others.

I love seeing everyone doing well, however it makes me lose my OWN focus when I am logged on throughout the day looking at the accomplishments of others.

I begin to judge my failures through the lens of another’s success, question whether or not I’m doing enough, rush on projects that aren’t all the way structured, and doubt my innovativeness.

To scroll down your timeline and stay logged on to any social media site for a long period of time, is extremely unhealthy. More research is being done on the effects of social media on self esteem and comparison with other people’s lives.

In a study called ‘Social comparison, social media, and self esteem’ completed by researchers from the University of Toledo, results showed that participants who used Facebook most often had poorer traits of self-esteem, and this was mediated by greater exposure to upward social comparisons on social media (Vogel, Rose, Roberts, and Eckles, 2014).

Often times we subconsciously find ourselves in competition with another person’s journey , wanting their success but not realizing that your success is great just as well.

I can admit that I’ve definitely been there before. I even confessed on a recent Facebook status on how I wanted God to work on me not voicing my every little move to social media. I’d rather have people compliment me and praise my accomplishments before always giving myself a slap on the back.

Too many times we fail to enjoy the struggle and the process along the way. The easy work is the come up. The hard work is staying on top and being creative, innovative, while still generating revenue. Enjoy whatever level you are on in life and thank God for it all #Beatpeace.

If you can’t handle where you are in life right now, God is not going to set you up for failure, no matter how much you speak existence into the universe on wanting more.

There are levels in this life and so many people want to skip and rush through those levels. You can’t cheat your way up. The process takes time in order to build something strong and concrete. So in your journey of reaching for success be humble, learn all you can, and appreciate your season!


Vogel, E.A., Rose, J.P., Robers,L.R., & Eckles,K. (2014). Social comparison, social media, and self-esteem. Psychology of Popular Media Culture,3(4)206-222. http://dx.doi:1o.1037/ppm0000047

James, G. (2012, April 9). What Is Success? Here’s a Better Definition.

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