Every Opportunity Isn’t Worth Taking

Every opportunity given costs! Many millennials believe that if they say no to what looks like a great opportunity then they are missing out. It’s a phenomena known as #FOMO —–fear of missing out.

Any opportunity given has its pros and cons, so it’s always good to reevaluate each choice, instead of making an irrational decision just because the opportunity looks amazing!

Looks can be very deceiving and you may end up losing a great opportunity for one that you thought was great based off looks.

It’s like dating someone solely based on their physical appearance but having no substance on the inside. What is the overall quality? Look at every opportunity as a dating audition. Is this something I will be happy to associate my name with? Does it compromise my morals? Is there a code of ethics involved in the process? What are the standards of this opportunity? Can I afford the risk?

Whether it’s making an investment deal, taking on a new career path, finding a way to earn more income, going on a vacation with friends, or taking on an internship that you think will enhance your career path, always evaluate the risks!

Every opportunity presented may not be for you. Anyone can sell you a great idea ! Trust me I’ve been sold plenty! What I’ve learned from being sold dreams and ideas is that people will write you a check that they — themselves cannot even cash!

Some opportunities will keep you stagnant, instead of helping your growth. Not everyone you meet who will present a great opportunity will want to see you succeed.

Before saying yes to any opportunity do more research by searching the internet for risk factors and ask the right questions! It’s better to be safe than sorry!

There’s nothing more devastating than finding out you’ve wasted time , money and energy on an opportunity that really got you nowhere in life!

If a current opportunity is in opposition with who you are as a person it’s ok to back out! You never want to do something that makes you compromise who you are as person!

In the meantime, if there is an opportunity that is not right for you, just be patient. The right one will come.

Just because you decline one opportunity does not mean you won’t find another one that is just for you! I learned from my lifestyle fitness coach that opportunities are never missed, they just go to someone else.

In order to find out which opportunity is best for you, it’s important to know and dive into who you are.

So many millennials think they are missing out on the world and certain opportunities because of what they see on social media.

Social media continues to make it extremely easy for people to compare their lives to others, without knowing exactly how someone is truly living and how someone started off in the first place.

Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter reveals the glitz and the glam life. Don’t end up making a wrong turn with your life based on the perceptions of what you see on social media.Stop rushing greatness! What’s for you will always be for you. That’s the beauty of diving into your gifts!

Stop rushing the process! It’s going to happen if you continue to put in the work, have faith, and not make irrational choices thinking it will get you there faster.

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