6 Problems Wrong With Social Media

Social media is a great tool to use for networking, creating a brand, selling products and services, promoting your business and developing new friendships. But it wouldn’t be great if it didn’t have the good, bad, and ugly right? Even with the generated perks comes the ugly truths . Here is my list of the top 10 problems WRONG with social media!

1. People try to compare their lives to friends, family, strangers and celebrities !

“The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.” ~Steve Furtick

Your life is your life! The oversharing of relationships, thoughts, ideas, monetary gain, success and life’s journey has made it easy for people to obsess and compare their life to someone else. Many people are watching what you post and compare it to how their life is, as well as what they are doing or not doing!

It could be something simple such as bragging on what you’re currently doing for the day or something big like what celebrity you just ran into! Or even overly sharing your relationship and career accomplishments and goals.

People are always watching and often times comparing your life with theirs. Reality is people only reveal what they want you to see, and often times it’s only the best aspects of their life.

Enjoy your life by creating a healthy atmosphere and happiness within. If you don’t you will never truly be satisfied with your own life. We all have different paths that God wants us to take in order to help others. Nothing is truly about us, even though we try to make everything about who we are, what we do, and how much money we want!

2. Everyone wants to be famous!

Everyone wants to be famous, whether on a local stand point or global, or even instagram, but Charlie Puth told me to tell you ” these instagram models are nothing but trouble.”

On my vision board I have a quote that I live by everyday in order to help me realize that I don’t need to be famous to make an impact.

The quote states “You don’t have to be famous to be unforgettable.” Sometimes the smallest voices make the loudest noise. It’s often those people who you don’t know in this world that are the most impactful!

An owner of five marketed terrestrial radio stations told me that ‘Those are the people who are the most wealthiest and most successful.’

I read a blog about the sad economics of internet fame that said many famous social media stars are too visible to have “real” jobs, but too broke not to.

Find your passion and live unapologetic without always wanting validation through the eyes of others. But in order to find your passion, you must dive deep within yourself and find out who you truly are. You can’t do this if you’re always seeking attention from followers and those people who really just lust and envy after you. (They don’t really care who you truly are on the inside)

You don’t have to be half naked to get likes ladies or have a man jumping down your throat! Just be yourself! Be unique providing the world with substance and something that no one else can offer. Don’t sell yourself short because you just want to be ‘famous’ for the time being.


Everyone’s love language is completely different.No relationship is peaches and creme’ but social media memes have determined many people’s relationship goals for them. Because of this many people have a false perception on what a real relationship truly is. A relationship is simply a mutual bond between an individual and another person!

Your expectations of a relationship may not be the same as someone else. Stop idolizing the relationship someone has with their partner. You have no idea what battles the couple may be facing with each other internally! Again you only see what people want you to see.

4. The Bios of People Who Aren’t Who They Say They Are

Let’s face it you can be whoever you say you want to be on social media. But that doesn’t make it truth! A common place for validation seekers to hide is in their bios of Instagram, Facebook, and twitter. If you are who you say you are, people should see what it is you’re truly doing to perfect your craft. Put your work on social media, not just pictures of selfies to get attention and to get noticed.

Often times there are too many pretenders and not enough workers. Is your bio in place to get more followers and likes? Or are you really that ‘signed model’, that ‘entrepreneur earning income’, that ‘media personality’, ‘consultant’, or ‘brand manager’. We all want to be something great and we all can as long as what we are portraying matches what we are doing. We have to live how we say we are living not just post pictures to fake the funk! Be who you say you are and hold yourself accountable.

5.It goes down in the DMs

Please stop seeking attention in someone’s direct messages. That is not fate, it is called desperation. Fatal attraction is real and people need to pay attention to all of the signs being revealed. Do not get carried away over a pretty face. You have no idea the true mental capacity or intentions of the person you are lusting after. Anyone can lie and pretend to be someone else on social media. Simply put it, you don’t really know the men and women you are dming! These are still strangers people!

6. Everything you read is not truth or fact , do your research!

You ever repost a blog or a news article about a celebrity or research study but didn’t read the entire story? Instead you just read the catchy headline title? Yeah if that is you , be very careful and proceed with caution.

Not all of the information you repost is factual. A few blog sites are satires! So always refer to more than one source before you repost information that may not be true! It makes you look credible and also educated. Reading the about page on a website is also very insightful! And please whatever you do, READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE!

What do you think are some problems with social media?

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