Top 10 Jay Z Songs From Back In The Day

He is considered one of the greatest when it comes to this rap game. Not many men or musicians of the minority ethnicity have reached the level of success in rap and entrepreneurship like Sean Carter. While reviewing music &content for an up and coming blog post, our team stumbled across the hits of Jay Z .Though it is important to note that one person alone cannot reach this level of success without having a team to help with marketing, content, and structure, Inside The Girls Room wanted to take a look at Jay Z’s most memorable songs! Check out our list!

One of our favorites include ‘Imaginary Player’ ! Playa Playa Playa ! Play on !

Sometimes you never know who your friends are in life. The same friend can turn right into a foe. Which is why Friend or Foe was voted in by our team as #9

The streets talk just like the streets watch! The game hasn’t changed and this is why as you progress you always gotta be careful with who you let in!

Song Cry was one of the most emotional songs that Jay Z made back in the early 2000s. It hit close to the hearts of those who were street and those who weren’t. It painted a picture of a woman staying down throughout the test of time and well you know how the story goes after that!

It’s some phase that quite a few men go through. THE PIMP CALL ME A PLAYA STAGE! ‘Big Pimpin’ was the epitome of what structured new age rap and hip hop in the late 90s and early 2000s. Everything just looked nice. From the cars, women, jewelry, and clothes! But like mama said, everything that glitters aint gold. ‘Big Pimpin’ topped at #6!

If you choose to Pimp it all over the world, you gotta pimp it right! This is why Fiesta comes in at #5! You can’t do J without doing Kelz ! Well except for when the ‘Best of Both Worlds tour’ goes completely south! But R.Kelly & Jay Z were still the top in the game for music. Wished the tour would have worked out !

The intro to this song was fire. Maybe because it was a clip from Biggie Interview. The key in life is to make your first project your best even if it doesn’t turn out the way you want it. My first song by Jay Z had to be on the list as the top 10.

Before Drake and Wayne hit the studio spitting a few bars to Ignorant Shit Jay and Beanie held it down to the fullest!

Reasonable doubt is an old time favorite !

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