Detroit Women In Art : Who Is Taryn Macon

Although Detroit has historically always been known for its beautiful architect and a place for art and artifacts, it is continuing to grow into a modernized umbrella platform for merging artists who enjoy graphic design, photography, painting, and fashion.

Meet 24-year-old Detroit native, Taryn Macon. Taryn Macon is a recent graduate from Arizona State University, who studied in social work and has decided to move back to Detroit, bringing her growing assets with her in order to revitalize the art scene like many of her fellow cohorts .

I have been great friends with Taryn for almost 5 years. Meeting her during my sophomore year in college at Western Michigan University and having the opportunity to be her roommate in our college apartment. While getting to know this free-spirited soul, she has always had an interest in great music, traveling, redefining social norms and paintings.

Her colorful, pop art has attracted the faces of many and her clientele is growing massively. You can find her art hanging in numerous art galleries, the homes of people all over the country, and maybe perhaps even in your home one day.

To call her my friend is honoring! I have watched her mature so much and I know her dad ( R.I.H) would be so amazingly proud of all of her accomplishments!

We went from going on dummy missions, doing “drive-by pop ups” on guys who didn’t deserve even one inch of our hearts, and crying desperately for some of these men to take us back, to becoming merging prominent members of society who are changing the world one day at a time! Women we have the power to change anything!

Check out her art below!

For more information on the pricing of her art please contact Taryn on social media.

Instagram: @artdealerchixk

Email :

Tumblr : art

Facebook: Taryn Macon

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