Why Solange’s ‘Cranes In The Sky’ Is This Generation of Women Theme To Self Discovery , Self Love &a

Not one soul was ready,( not even the AC 200 Billboard Charts)for what Solange granted us within the music industry , as she dropped ‘ A Seat at the Table.’

Her road to self discovery has ignited a flame in every woman that has listened to the album — in search of the missing pieces of her soul in this confusing and chaotic world. The Chosen Ones!

Solange admitted that the project was a very long journey in producing ,

“It was 8 years ago @raphael_saadiq handed me a cd with a few instrumentals. One was just drums, strings, and bass. I went home and wrote “Cranes” that night in my hotel room,” she wrote, “When I finished writing and creating #aseatatthetable in a little house in New Iberia, Louisiana…..I revisited “Cranes” once again. I called Raphael that night and asked if he would help me to elevate the production on a few of the other songs of the album to see their fullest potential. I am so happy 8 years later Cranes is finally out in the world.”

It’s true after the storm, God gives you an amazing testimony and story to share with others in order to help them discover more of who they are.

‘Cranes In The Sky’, in particular tells a story of a woman addressing the root of her pain, combatting for her life trying to heal by indulging in things that did not add essence to her being. Solange describes her attempts at trying to disconnect from painful experiences resulting in rejection and feeling unworthy. The feelings of rejection she has experienced resembles the hopelessness of what it’s like to look over an ugly construction site during a cloudy gloomy day. To heal and recover from any pain can be brutal and often times unbearable.

She explains in ‘Cranes In The Sky’ that she aided to the emptiness and brokenness of the spirit by self medicating using alcohol, drugs, beauty products, material wealth, partying, and using the opposite sex to feel loved.

As women sometimes we try to do away with the pain by self medicating in a way that is toxic and damaging to our souls— trying everything in the world to make us forget about feeling hurt, down, lonely, and broken, not knowing that it’s only adding to the numbness of our pain.

The origin of a woman’s heart is so soft and pure that when we do things to abuse the fragileness of it, we continue to chip away at our divine inner being. ‘Cranes In The Sky’ opened wounds from my own deep rooted issues of feeling so low because of my past childhood and toxic relationships , that I too felt the need to sleep with various men to feel loved, valued, and appreciated.

Being a survivor of sexual abuse I often times associated sex with love. Sex was not only a physical connection for me, but it was also very emotional.

I think every woman can relate to the powerful lyrics of I tried to , whether it was the first verse of “I tried to drink it away …I tried to put one in the air…I tried to dance it away.. I tried to change it with my hair”, the second verse, or even the third and fourth verse.

“I wanted to showcase how we’re always moving in these spaces, and distracting ourselves with all of these worldly things. Honestly I wanted the video to be like a meditation, and really center myself in God’s work.’

Although ‘Cranes In The Sky’ has many facets , alluding to ambiguous loss from unrequited love, emotional isolation, and the burdens of being a single black mother and woman, one cannot deny that there are many women in our generation who are empty and want to feel a sense of belongingness so they do certain things such as change their look, pursue a new career, cut their hair, & travel abroad to get some understanding of who they are in this crazy world.

Solange reminded me of why it’s so important to heal within and not look to people, the things of this world or material possessions for gratification and sense of fulfillment.

If you haven’t seen Cranes In The Sky visual video, check it out below!

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