The Hottest Party Of the Summer With Nelly , Chingy & The St. Lunatics

The hottest party of the summer came all the way to Michigan this summer, as Vanilla Ice, Nelly, Chingy, and the St.Lunatics brought rising temperatures to the Midwest!

If you’ve never been to a Nelly concert before, the 41-year-old rap artist from St. Louis, Missouri still makes every woman in the crowd hot enough to take off all their clothes, including bras! There were even men in the arena ready to strip down!

Ladies, please attend a Nelly concert WITHOUT your boyfriend, as he may think twice on why he decided to cuff you and your relationship may be in question as your reactions to Nelly may be a bit extreme!

With it being 89 degrees outside and wearing all black, the sweat from my glands didn’t stop racing down my body as I was dancing and singing along to classic hits like E.I., Ride Wit Me, Country Grammar, Batter Up, Shake Ya Tailfeather, Grillz, Air Force Ones, Hot In Here, Flap Your Wings, Where The Party At, Get Like Me, Stepped On My Jz, Move That Body, and his latest The Fix featuring Jeremih, which is a rendition of Marvin Gaye’s Sexual Healing.

Before coming to Michigan, Nelly hit the stage with Taylor Swift, Saturday night at the Hamptons for oil heir Mike Hess’ 30th birthday.

The two performed Nelly’s 2002 hit song, Dilemma, as Nelly hinted to Taylor “I know you know that song.”

14 years later Nelly continues to win the hearts of his fans as he sets the mood on stage asking for a female participant to come on stage and sing along to the heart melting lyrics of ‘No matter what I do, all I think about is you, Even when I’m with my boo, boy you know I’m crazy over you’

Nelly even surprised fans with a special guest performance from St. Lunatic members Ali and City Spud, as well as St. Louis , Missouri’s very own Chingy!

The crowd went wild when Chingy performed his greatest hits like Pullin’ Me Back , One Call Away, and Right Thurr. Even I had to bust out and do the infamous ‘Chicken Head.’

In the early 2000s I was the epitome of what they called an ultimate fan! It was Nelly that made me fall in love with those light skin, DOWN SOUTH Country Grammar Boys, with that Midwest swag!

Although my mom doesn’t know this, there was a time that I aspired being a video vixen/ video model due to all the hype music videos Nelly and the St. Lunatics constructed.

Nelly is set to perform in Las Vegas this Friday August 12, 2016 at the Drai’s Rooftop Nightclub. Find out when he’s coming to a city near you at

If you don’t remember how Nelly made you feel back in the day, take a ride wit me to the past! Check out all the videos that made us love Nelly!

Ride Wit Me

Country Grammar

Pimp Juice

Number 1

Nasty Girl

The Fix

Body On Me

Flap Your Wings

My Place


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