Celebrities You Didn’t Know That Had a STI

We love em! We admire them and yes even as men and women we fantasize about them being in our beds. Sometimes we even wish we could be like them. But I wonder if that would all change if you knew your favorite celebrity had an STI?

Would you even still look at this person the same? Well, quite honestly success nor fame does not stop any human being from being untouchable. These people have lived very successful lives regardless of the negative stigma that surfaces from living with an STI. In recognition of STD Awareness Month , I did some research on celebrities on top who have shared their nightmare and some embarrassing stories of having a STI! Remember this is Inside The Girl’s Room and it’s all about fun! No judgment.

1) Pamela Anderson

Famous Hollywood Actress and Model, Pamela Anderson confessed to sources in 2002, that her ex husband , rockstar, Tommy Lee gave her Hepatis C. Hepatis C is an inflammation disease of the liver. Though contracting Hepatitis C from sexual contact is relatively low, it still remains a factor for those who have multiple sex partners.

2) Trey Songz

Trey Songz confessed back in 2009 that his ex girlfriend as a teen gave him crabs. He shared with sources how uncomfortable it was and how he couldn’t really say anything because no one knew that he was having sex.

3)Natalie Cole

Although Natalie Cole’s story is significantly different than other celebrities listed, I couldn’t help but include her in the list. Cole suffers from Hepatitis C from the usage of a 25 year drug addiction to heroin. Besides sex, Hepatitis C can be contracted from needles and blood from another person.

4) Cam Thomas

NFL defensive end for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Cam Thomas was accused in 2014 of spreading genital herpes to his ex girlfriend. The woman whose name was Adrienne filed a lawsuit against Thomas. Sources have not said whether or not the information of Thomas actually having the infection is true.

5) Mike Vick

NFL star Michael Vick has been in the media from dog fighting to his jail conviction for the act and also being sued for spreading herpes to a woman as well, back in 2002. Vick was being treated with an alias drug known as “Ron Mexico.”

6) Mr.Marcus

Shouldn’t porn be illegal? Isn’t it modern day prostitution and in violation of a health code? Well porn star guru, Mr.Marcus definitely had a run for his money when he gave syphilis to costars he worked with . He was later arrested and spent 30 days in jail. Marcus’s porn days have never been the same.

7) Paris Hilton

When Paris Hilton’s home was raided , not only did the police find 400 kilos of cocaine, they also found a prescription known as Valtrex for herpes outbreaks. Yikes! What a horrible way to fall down from the throne!

8) Anne Heche

Actress Anne Heche not only suffered from the humiliation and guilt of being molested by her father as a child, but to make matters worse, she also contracted herpes. Heche tells her story of the molestation as well as battling with herpes in her autobiography.

9) ODB

With a name and look like Ol Dirty Bastard, is it really a huge surprise that the rapper had gonorrhea twice before. And to top it off it was by the same woman. I guess it’s true , you never know who’s loyal these days!


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