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Check out 5 Inspiring Fashion Bloggers Changing The World and Media

Amber Renee Goes Back To Natural

Amber Renee Goes Short

Amber Renee Goes Short ! She Got Tired of Two Different Textures! Hear Why The Big Chop Was Necessary! Subscribe to her youtube channel at


Fashion Blogger Carly Cristman

Check out some tips on how to look good in every instagram photo with vlogger Carly Cristman. Subscribe to her youtube channel at  Carly Cristman

Easy Everyday Makeup Tutorial | NYX Tutorial

Bianca Bee's Stunning Make Up Tutorial

TV Host and Celebrity Reporter Bianca Bee gives you tips on how to get an  everyday glam  Makeup Tutorial | NYX Tutorial. Subscribe to her youtube channel at

Hannah Mussette Shares Why She Did The Big Chop!

Check out Vlogger Hannah Mussette Big Chop video

Many women have damaged their natural hair from chemicals and extensions , Hannah Mussette explains how her hair has been damaged since the 5th grade and why she decided to do the big chop

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